Car Accident Injuries

car accident injuries

Chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries just got easier

Insurance reform means more options sooner for people with pain

As of April 2013, Nova Scotians with injuries resulting from an automobile accident can now visit a chiropractor immediately following their accident. Prior to this, many patients needed an assessment and referral from a physician or pre-approval from an insurer to qualify for coverage. These recent changes are part of the provincial government’s Fair Automobile Insurance Act.

“Our members often see patients who visit a chiropractor only after other methods of treatment have failed to relieve their chronic pain – sometimes up to two years following the accident,” says Dr. Ward MacDonald. “Chiropractors can now see patients sooner and help determine a course of treatment that can drastically reduce the risk of long-term effects of auto accidents.”

Left untreated, soft tissue injuries like whiplash from a motor vehicle accident can interfere with daily routines and lead to greater health issues. Previously, some insurance companies would require a physician’s referral for chiropractic treatment which not only led to some delays in treatment but also to limited treatment options. Now that patients can visit a chiropractor directly, they have a wider range of immediate options for care to better manage their own recovery.

In Canada, whiplash injuries account for more than two million insurance claims each year. “This change opens up treatment options for people who have been in an automobile accident and can result in healthier outcomes and better care sooner for patients across the province,” says MacDonald. This change will cover minor injuries, including strains, sprains and mild to moderate whiplash. Now if patients and chiropractors choose to follow the new guidelines, insurance companies will automatically cover a number of treatments.

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